This week has been winding down; as it is one of the last weeks of this life changing experience. I find myself already missing the deadline’s and webinar’s that every Sunday for the past 24 weeks that day started at 6 AM do my reads & say my DMP and other various  daily things; then a meeting at 9 Am to 10 AM ,church at 11 till 12 15 or so then a mad dash to home to eat lunch and watch the pre/webinar video then run copy’s of the note’s, lessons and whatever else was there to copy  & print out  afterwards it was time to do my set & read  after that it was 330 or 4 time to have the supper of champions buttered popcorn till after 6 or 7 then eat some good food !The other Sunday night live business calls or webinars are usually till 10 or 1030 that night !

I am so happy to be so busy and wanted by real people it seems I ve become a magnate to the truth for anybody  who  wants’ true Harmony !

This week one of the other things we learned about was the range’s of theory and the practice of  any system has to be knowing the Truth concerning ourselves and the exact world or place we live in; that if we constantly think harmony  we will be in harmony & through my own experience if we constantly think health & goodness that’s exactly what we will receive.

When I personally lived daily in feeling and being sick & was lacking  most everything and continued to think  those wrong thoughts my world came tumbling down hard ! Through our MKMMA coarse and some other life changing experience’s my days today are filled with sunshine all around me even when it’s it raining or snowing outside I can visualize that wonderful warm sunny place I know; go to anytime I need too !Its a complete 360 degree turn around  in body ,mind & sprit plus personal & in business !

Today I can say with conviction no mountain is too high for anyone to climb one step at a time is all it takes to get to the other side!




This has been a week of self guided works and I can tell the difference in my intensity with my business and personal actions. We read about how a money consciousness’ is an attitude of the mind and our desire’s are turned into thought which  is the driving force that puts things into motion but a lot of times people have constant fearful thoughts then our desired thoughts are blocked ,turned away & reversed !

Having a poverty consciousness’ makes it impossible  for our desire’s & dreams to ever materialize It’s  like they’re stuck in a world full of fear usually  surrounded by other’s that are in that same fearful place & that thinking of fear  is constantly thought about it is what shapes our daily lives and these natural laws are truly unchangeable !

We learned that our relationships have to be built on Truth , Integrity, Justice and Service that they are the fundamental laws of all exchange’s and if our intent isn t according to those laws we will lose surely & for certain as there is no way the Infinite can be cheated however when someone does cheat that’s when we are introduced to the Law of compensation which will demand an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth !

Our thought’s  & Idea’s are exactly what makes up our life forces in life which together are brought into form ; yet we constantly  look for the new but must recognize the new opportunities and become  a channel of service not just to a few but to the many because what benefits’ one must benefit all !


These last two weeks have been spent on being the observer and to continue my daily new habits as best that is humanely possible n o matter where or  who I was with or whatever my mood just happen to be that they day ! I ve learned that when I do awake if my mood isn t contagious I am allowed to start the day all over again and that doing that is really  ok !

My sits have been getting  filled with more detail so I have been adding more picture’s which in turn have continued to change my life into what I am to be at a lot of different levels which is really amazing ! To give you an example my life has been filling in with new successful people like Doctors {mds}, Design Engineers’ and Surgeons who have the beliefs that we are learning about and some that honestly are way over my head!

 One of the nights this past week I was asked to join these new friends who Meditate; to learn about how they meditate & how they started there process to be who they were meant to be which has added balance to their body ,mind and soul. The trainer of the group was explaining how when you get to this serenity place some of them feel a vibration all through their body that starts at the base of your spine and slowly vibrates up your spine to the rear of your shoulders . Wow ! I told them I have never felts that before but I guess I am just learning and that too is a journey plus a process.

 It all sounded like some of things we are talking about or did talk about in our MKMMA Journeys for example they said they meditate between 4 to 6 Am for about 30 to 45 minutes this is when night time turns to day time and they said that’s when the universe is at its least noisiest and so are we; they said they again meditate between 5 to 7pm and that this time is to cleanse the days junk out plus to see & keep the goodness that they experienced that day! I thought to myself this sounds like there doing their daily inventory keeping the good throwing out the bad! Then they meditate one last time right before bed time but just to center there thought’s for only 4 or 5 minutes..

It was explained to me to become part of the group I had to willing to set with a training for 3 or 4 days to make sure I was directing my energy’s & thoughts to be able to receive the most I could to better my body mind & soul ! The main thing here is to live our life’s in balance through the great times plus the not so great times and to be of service to other people whenever I could; This night was amazing for me it seemed like another rebirth if you will one that ads to the changing of Ed into who Ed really is and then to be able to share the gifts of Ed’s!


Week 21 was the start of the Scroll Marked VI in  Og Mandino’s book The Greatest Salesman in the World that has been a new daily habit of mine since the beginning of the rebirth of myself . It talks about how nature is a circle of many different moods & since I am a part of nature I also have many different moods so like the tides in the oceans , my moods will rise and  my moods will fall.

Today I am master of my emotions but little did I understand how nature can play those little tricks like as each day arrives my awaken moods are opposite of that mood to which I fell fast asleep to from my yesterdays ! Its explained as inside of me there’s a wheel  that always turning with opposites & extremes and unlike the weather my moods and emotions can be mastered allowing each day to be productive !

However if I bring the rain & gloom in my moods to all the people I meet that day, that day I can expect back the same rain & gloom from the world around me .

I have learned today that every day Is a new day ,it’s a day that I will never get the chance to live in again or be in ever again so I ve learned to  bring sunlight and laughter & happiness to all who enter my world or space because nothing of any valve can grow  in a world full of Darkness and Gloom !

The secret of the ages state’s: Weak is he who permits his thoughts to control his actions but strong is he who forces his actions to control his thoughts 

Today I will be master of my emotions !



I learned this week Why I think big ! My Mind doesn’t t know the difference from small idea’s to large idea’s so I am taking the risk ! I have found out how to create any condition I want in my life by creating it, then visualize it then see it over and over again consciously eventually that pattern developed in my subconscious !

So the real secret of power is the consciousness of power cause whatever we become conscious of eventually is manifested in my objective world!

The law of attraction go’s to work when I decide to change my conditions ; Ill attract new things, I ll see and visualize my new condition that picture will come to life in my mind and when that happens I grow into who and whatever I want in my real life !


This week for me has been very hectic to say the least with being on a business conference in Dallas Tx for the last 5 days. So for me this has been the wek of cooperation in my makeover week and believe me I was tested to the max and bear hugged kettle them all !       Reading about the Powers of thought and if there understood leads us to amazing new frontiers but if not understood or when our thoughts are missed used; most likely any or us will begin to  self destruction !


This past week has really been super busy for me and I vie felt very over whelmed by life, business and the journey of constant change which I am going through daily, hourly and at times by the minutes !      Living each day as if it’s my last day on this planet has projected me to a higher more positive level of self in business , health and in my personal life ! I ve achieved a leadership level in my business almost to the day as my DMP reads that’s simply amazing to me but being taught as Mark J and his staff has directed me really is bringing awesome results !

The search for truth is no longer by accident in my life and understanding that it is a process & built from every experience I have , will have and have had ! Every human experience is an effect & just like every cause ;both of these can now be  within our control through our subconscious thoughts !

Our reading this week talked about how [mind] is the only principle which is operative in the physical, mental, moral and spiritual world. Mind is the real and the eternal and Matter is forever changing. Yes we all are in the presence of  continual change and this change is from the evolution of the Universal Mind the grand process whereby all things are continually being created anew.

Mind is static & mind at rest which can change based on the ability of the individual to act upon the universal Mind then convert it into dynamic mind or mind in motion which to do this we have to add some form of mental fuel power!